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Pump Set Controller


Pump set controllers  PCA700C (Cryo pump set) and PCA700D (Diffusion pump set)


With the pumping station controllers type PCA ..HSR offers you a new family of pump set controls. These sophisticated control devices enable with ease the controlling of a complete pumping station (diffusion- and cryo pump sets) and its configuration, controlling and monitoring.


The internal process control monitors automatically the complete vacuum operating and controls additionally all required peripherals such as LN2, Polycold or fast regeneration accessories.


The compact pump set control automatically recognizes up to four active gauges from different manufacturers and activates and monitors as well all valves and also pre-and high vacuum pump sets. Moreover, the PCA700 controller offers the possibility to connect all required peripherals for the operation of a diffusion or cryopump set. Several digital and analog input and output signals allow to operate and monitor even additionally needed external components. With the existing multiple connection options, different vacuum configurations can be implemented with highest optimization. The PCA 700 controller can be operated by the use of a large 5.7 "LCD display with touch panel, thus offering an intuitive user interface with a modern configuration menu.


The simple hardware connection via the existing RS 232 or Profibus interface makes this device a real alternative to the commercially available programmable PLC – controls.


The pumping set controls PCA700C (Cryo pump set) and PCA700D (diffusion pump set) can also be easily used as a cost effective retrofit solution for the modernization of an existing vacuum system control with older design.



Main screen PCA700D                                                                 Main screen PCA700C


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