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Product Line Standard Diffusion Pumps

The product area standard diffusion pumps includes the following sizes:

Diffusion pumps – size DN 040

The powerful HSR small diffusion pumps are available air or water cooled, have a vacuum flange DN 040 ISO-KF and are fitted with an integrated baffle as well as a thermal circuit breaker.



  • integrated water baffle
  • compact construction
  • available either with air or water cooling
  • ideal for mineral oil, silicone oil or pentaphenyl ether
Diff DN-40

Diffusion pumps with integrated water baffle – sizes DN 63 to DN 250

This range has the significant characteristic of having a visually non-transparent baffle integrated into the pump casing. The pump casings are made of non-rusting stainless steel and the extendable spray system for cleaning is made of pressed aluminium. A thermal circuit breaker built into the pump casing prevents overheating of the fuel. The water-cooling circuit is composed of a rust-resistant steel tube fixed to the pump casing.



  • compact construction
  • integrated water baffle
  • pump body and adapter flange made of rust-free steel
  • ideal for mineral oil, silicone oil or pentaphenyl ether
Diff DN-63
Diff-DN 100
Diff DN-160
Diff DN 250

Diffusion pumps with cold cap or baffle cap – sizes DN 320 to DN 1000

To meet the demands of the market, HSR produces a range of larger, water-cooled diffusion pumps. This range of pumps possesses a volume flow rate from 5’000 to 50’000 l/sec and is particularly appropriate for industrial high-vacuum applications.

For applications in the working-range of 10-4 mbar, our diffusion pumps are fitted with the so-called baffle cap which, beside its advantages regarding high volume flow rate and high gas throughput, also has a low fitting height and an exceptionally economical price.



  • robust design
  • low end-pressure
  • integrated cold cap or baffle cap
  • low energy usage through pre-vacuum baffle
  • short warming-up phase
  • ideal for mineral oil, silicone oil or pentaphenyl ether
Diff DN-320
Diff DN-400
Diff DN-500
Diff DN-630
Diff DN-800
DIF DN-1000
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