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Product Line ECO Diffusion Pumps

When the diffusion pumps we are still using today were developed 30 years ago, their economical and ecological impact was not a priority issue.


In those days, all that mattered was to supply the pump with enough energy for achieving maximum stable performance. As a result, even today, a large portion of the energy consumed by the pump gets wasted unused.


Considering these facts, HSR AG has decided to thoroughly revise the existing heating system of their current products under the aspect of energy efficiency. The objective was to bring down operation costs and to fulfill today's ecological and environmental requirements.


During the design phase, the focus was on drastically reducing the consumption of energy while fully preserving the outstanding performance data of HSR's diffusion pumps.


The new energy-saving diffusion pumps sizes DN320, DN400, DN500, DN630 and DN800 are now available as an ECO version, which can save up to 45% of electricity costs . Also the heat transfer by radiation to the environment has been reduced from as much as 25% for standard diffusion pumps to approx. 5% for our new ECO version.


The new HSR ECO diffusion pumps were tested in our laboratory and in the field under real-life conditions using mineral oil 66A and silicone oils HSR704 EU and HSR705. The pump performance of the ECO version is identical with a standard pump of the same type.


Our ECO diffusion pumps, which have been enhanced for lower electricity operating costs during regular operation times, also come with a so-called Standby Feature for pumping overnight.


Retrofit Kits are available for the three pump sizes mentioned, which can be applied to existing pumps on customer site. All BALZERS, PFEIFFER and HSR diffusion pumps of same size and type (e.g DIF500, DIF500A, PDA501-W etc) may be retrofitted.

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