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Accsessories diffusion pumps

HSR oil condenser


Reduction of oil consumption of diffusion pumps

- water cooled housing
- exchangable condensation components
- long lifetime
- prooved design
- reduces operating costs of diffusion

- no influence on the pumping speed

HOC 063
Pumping graph

Pump fluid replenishing device

For replenishing pump fluid in processes with high gas throughput

Refilling is possible while pump is running

Visual level control on the glass tube


Flow monitor

For monitoring the cooling water flow

Flow moitors are installed at the outlet of the cooling water circuit of the diffusion pump

Flow Monitor

Temperature measuring unit

Temperature Measuring DIF 320 - 1000

Temperature Measuring for diffusion pumps with following datas:

-Scope of delivery: sensor, feedthrough and LCD display unit

-Easy installation or change of the sensor without venting the pump

-4 - 20mA output

-Temperature range 0º - 350º

-Responce time t 0.5 = 30 sec.

-Connection cable 2m

-Dimension sensor l = 100 mm, diameter 4mm

Temperature Measuring
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