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Temperature controller HCC 190

Our HCC190 controller allows operation of either cryopumps or cryostats equipped with a maximum of 3 cold heads within the same system. It includes an additional, special feature which allows control of temperature for a particular stage of the cooling system (T1 and /or T2).

After the cool-down sequence is finished, the built-in control feature is ready for use. Input for actual measurements is selectable between sensor inputs T1 or T2. The temperature range available depends on the size of the load to be cooled and therefore varies from system to system.

Two parameters («set point A» and «set point B») can be pre-defined in the parameters and easily changed at any time by the user. Parameters for regulating (PID) can also be adjusted and optimized during operation.


The control accuracy of the system is ± 1 K.


System Overview


Operated by touchscreen

Main Screen                                              Temperature control screen




Space simulation:




Cryo pump VELCO900Xe                                                          Cryostat (single stage)

control of temperature stage 1 and/or stage 2                              control of temperature stage 1



Gas divider (system design):


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