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New product from HSR AG protects turbo pumps from premature destruction

In high vacuum applications for the production of complex coating system it occurs more and more
often that critical gases or gas compounds are created which have to be pumped out of the high
vacuum pump. On many occasions, it cannot be avoided that such gases or steam condense as
solids inside the pump and as a result significantly affect the functionality of the pump or, as in the
case of turbo-molecular pumps, lead to their destruction.
HSR AG in Balzers has developed a product which takes over the condensation process before
these gases or steams enter the pump. In doing so, the pump is effectively protective from
negative influences upon functionality and its potential destruction.
Three criteria were at the forefront for finding a solution to this problem during the development of
this new product:

  • In the case of perfect optical impermeability, the largest possible conductance value
    should be achieved in order to keep the loss of volume flow rate of the high vacuum pump
    to a minimum.
  • The inner condensation surface should be coolable to an optional temperature range from
    water cooling to the temperature of liquid nitrogen.
  • It should be possible to quickly remove and replace the inner condensation surface for the
    purposes of cleaning without having to dismantle the entire pump body.


All of these requirements have been fulfilled with the new protective baffles of the product line
HSB. The product is patented and has been successfully on the market since 2009.
It is available in all the prevalent turbo pump sizes and can also be produced in special models.

Protection baffle

HSR protective-baffle for turbo pumps (patented)


  • provides vaporisation protection for the turbo-pump
  • lengthens the durability of the turbo-pump in the case of metal deposits



  • optically impervious
  • maximised conductance
  • optimised design
  • very easily maintained
  • easy to clean
  • standard water-cooled (prepared for LN2, Polycold, refrigerating machine)
  • casing is rust-resistant
  • baffle unit in either rust-resistant or copper
  • available in different sizes: DN100 - DN160 - DN200 - DN 250 - 320


Further applications

  • use as additional steam pump
  • cooling in this case with LN2, Polycold or refrigerating machine
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