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VCP cryogenic pumps – size DN 100 to DN 200

This new, HSR patented, pump geometry enables up a 30% higher volume flow rate and higher capacity, which enables a longer running life in comparison to competitors pumps with the same flange size.


A further design enables the reproduced throttling of the volume flow rate of various gases (Ar, O2, N, CH4, etc) whilst maintaining the maximum volume flow rate for water vapor.

VCP 100
VPC 160

VELCO cryogenic pumps – size DN 250 to DN 1250

The optimised design enables the operation under extreme conditions, i.e. under both high gas attack and temperatures up to 350°C.


The patented pump geometry enables extraordinarily long periods of operations and short maintenance sequences.


Powerful cooling capacity provide for long periods of use without the need for maintenance.

Velco 250
Velco 630
Velco 801
Velco 1000
Velco 1250

Sputter – cryogenic pumps – size DN 250 to DN 400

This range was specially developed to eliminate the so-called “memory-effect”.


Based on the latest technology without the use of additional heating elements: this means that there are no losses in volume flow rate or in performance.


  • high cooling performance guarantees the highest level of thermal stability
  • the optimised design enables operation with an argon gas pressure of over 1200 sccm
  • non-sensitive to air or gas intrusions
  • pump casing in aluminium or stainless steel
  • also available as flange-version (without casing)
Velco 250S
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