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HSR cryo controller

HSR cryocontrollers of type HCC are microprocessor-based controllers for cryogenic pump sets. They can be operated as autonomous units or controlled by a primary system control. HCC controllers ensure fully automatic, fail-safe cool-down and regeneration sequences
and in addition, monitor the complete operational status.

These systems can be operated locally via touchscreen or remotely via RS232 or USB interfaces using customer's control software or any terminal program.


Type HCC controllers allow operating of cryogenic pumps equipped with 1 up to 5 cold heads.

Key Features
• Touchscreen
• Display of two temperature sensors (stage 1 and stage 2 of the cold head)
• Vacuum measurement gauges of all common makes and types can be used
• Fully automatic cool-down and regeneration sequences
• More then 6 different regeneration sequences selectable and customizable
• Menu-guided programmable configuration and parameterization
• Recallable display of all values, such as vacuum pressure, temperatures, switching

  points and current status
• 2 configurable analog outputs, 0 - 10 V
• Remote control and monitoring via RS-232 interface
• Remote control and monitoring for peripheral devices as valves, pumps, heaters, etc.

  also via digital outputs and inputs


System overview

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